Personal Branding?

I recently read 7 Things You Can Do To Build An Awesome Personal Brand  by Shama Hyder and she talks about how important it is for individuals, especially those in mass media, to establish a clear personal brand. As a mass communications major, I should know what my personal brand is by now, especially since I’m graduating in May. I obviously have no idea but this is a perfect opportunity to find it.

Let’s start with my mass media interest. My concentration is Public Relations and I want to use it in the music industry because that is what I am the most passionate about. Since my sophomore year, I’ve been involved with Taking Back Queens: a DIY booking company. Less than a year into just volunteering at shows,  I ended up taking over. My job is Executive Director now and that means I brainstorm ideas for possible line-ups and make them a reality. Obviously, there’s a lot of other things that have to happen but irrelevant in this post.

Since I constantly meet different up and coming rock bands, I try to help them out with the PR side that tends to be overlooked by them. I deal with the basic PR stuff, like writing press releases. setting up interviews and sometimes creating content for them: taking pictures, recording videos and editing everything.

From all these experiences I’ve realized that this is the career I want but obviously on a much bigger scale. Possible be part of Sony Music Entertainment in the long run or just starting my own PR firm that specializes in music.


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