Let’s Break Down a Job For Me

What is my ideal job after I graduate from Iona? I want to be a publicist in the music industry. I obviously prefer to work with bands like how I am now but I am open to different types of music and artist.

I looked up job listings and found an In-house Publicity Manager position. Some of the tasks include working after hours and being able to handle multiple PR campaigns at once. So far I think I have what it takes to apply for the position. However, it requires you to have 3-5 years experience in the music industry. That’s an obvious experience I do not have. I only have 2 years of experience working in the music industry but they might not see it as experience at all. I work with local bands and help them out with little PR stuff here and there.

What I have to work on now is how to gain more legitimate experience. I’m going to start my internship with this Tuesday. Hopefully, once I start applying to job openings they’ll take that as experience.


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