Ira Glass on Storytelling: Through My Eyes

According to Ira Glass, in the Media world, storytelling is nothing to what we’ve learned in our typical English class. There’s a special structure to it. You can start off with an anecdote, which is just telling a sequence of actions. The story could be average but because the story has momentum it can create some suspense if told properly.

Storytelling in Broadcast, to me, is an art form that constantly needs practice. You might not always create something that is good in your eyes. However, that should not stop you from creating. I believe that if you go through that period where your work is not up to your expectations, it can only get better from there. Don’t let your creativity be at a stalemate because of that period of your life.

As I go on to produce my own radio show for my Broadcast Media class, I’ll keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to have segments that might not turn out the way I wanted it to be. As long as I keep producing something, I will get better.


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