Rock and Roll Saved The Day

Rock and Roll is my life. After reading Radio’s new best friend: Rock and rollit makes me proud that the type of music I love the most has been going strong since the 50s. Granted, Rock and Roll has evolved into different subgenres over the years but it’s still Rock and Roll.

Thanks to Rock and Roll, radio was able to adapt to the changing times. Especially after the television took its place in the living room of just about every working American’s home. DJs were able to communicate more with their target audience, in this case; the kids and the kids had someone that listen to them. This is how the Top 40 playlist we know today was created. Radio executives realized what the popular songs were among the youth and commercialized on this by constantly playing the same 40 songs.

Granted, I honestly hate the Top 40 playlist of today’s generation, my generation. What I would like to know is when did Top 40 and radio become so bad. Or maybe it’s just me and my nonconformist ways. I was just born into the wrong generation, but I digress.

As a public relations major, radio doesn’t seem to fit in my career plans. However, I’ve done college radio for the past two years at Iona. It could be an option in the future for me. It would end up being the same type of segments I’ve done, talk about local bands and interview them every once in awhile. After all, interviewing people is a great skill to have in public relations.


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