When talking about ethics, do not be scared. As a someone who is very set in their views and beliefs, I never found it hard to stand up and speak out about what I believe in. I just never knew that all that falls under ethics.

I’m going to graduate in a few months and I realized that I’m going to have to deal with a lot of people that might not see things as I do. I realized that a lot during the presidential elections and I’m continuing to see it. I am an Independent who believes in raising the minimum wage and that all women have the right to do what they please with their body. Once Hilary and Trump became the option for Presidency, I realized that I actually know Republicans. Although some of my closest friends are Republicans, who’s moral compass points in the opposite direction from mine, we understand that we’re each going to stand by our views whether or not it might seem ethical to one another.

I was watching Ethics in Public Relations, I learned that it is important to ask your employer if they offer opt-out policies. In the future, if I ever had to work on a pro-life campaign I would be very uncomfortable. I would ask to opt-out because the campaign would be more successful with someone that is okay with representing those beliefs.

I personally did not know that opt-out policies were something that I should ask about in the first place when interviewing for a job. Now that I know, I will be sure to ask about it.


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