First Internship

I’ve been meaning to post more on my blog but life happens. So, now that I had time to think about my experience, I can talk about my first every internship. I interned during my first semester, senior year. I know it was very late for me to intern but I honestly have my reasons why. I’m not going to explain them in this post. I’m also am not going to say where I interned on this post. If you really want to know, you can easily find out.

Since I want to be in the music industry, I managed to get an internship within the industry. I was lucky when it came to interning because it was remote, meaning that I never had to travel to their offices. Although I did get invited to an intern lunch with the president of the company, which was both exciting and nerve-racking.

Although I am a PR student, I was working in the marketing department. Every two weeks we would have conference calls where our supervisors would explain the artist or band we were focusing on and what kind of work we would be doing to promote them. Work varied between Online marketing campaigns and street marketing campaigns.

When it came to the online campaigns, we would have to use our own social media accounts to promote the artist. It wouldn’t be the artist in general, we would focus on the latest work that they have coming out. For a street marketing campaign, everyone got something different to do. I had to do a spray chalk campaign for a DJ. I would go around with a stencil and use spray chalk on the streets, where I thought it would get the most attention. At the end of each campaign cycle, I would have to put together a marketing report.

My favorite thing they let me do was to go on a tour campaign. The tour campaign meant a band or artist was going to perform in a venue near you, promote that show and attend it. I got to a show at PlayStation Theater and ended up backstage ( a story for a different occasion).

Overall, I didn’t like working remotely because I didn’t get to network as much as I liked. However, it was extremely great doing all my work independently in pajamas. I would recommend getting a remote internship if you’re a really involved student leader on campus. Otherwise, you’re better off getting an internship where you can really get connections.


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