Admirers of Illustrated Literature, President 

I have been in the AIL executive board since my Freshman year at Iona. I was elected as Secretary and moved up to President throughout my college career.  As President, I manage an executive board of six people and about 70 members. I lead weekly executive board meetings where we plan events and get updates for the general members’ meetings. I also lead the weekly general member meeting where I informed them about current plans for the club and took feedback for improvements. I oversee the “big picture” of AIL by working with the executive board to plan and promote monthly programs and maintain strong relations with Iona’s officials. One of my main goals as President was to make a bigger impact on the Iona community as a club.

During my last semester, I created two new successful events for AIL. Bar Game Night was held in March and our usual attendance increased by 50%. Game-A-Ton was held in April. AIL members and the extended Iona community was invited to participate in a 24-hour game-a-ton to raise money for our philanthropy, Child’s Play. At the end of the event, we raised over $1,000, which exceed our initial goal of $300. As a result, we were awarded as Organization of the Year-Committed to Mission. If you want to know more about that event, we had some press coverage.